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     The goal of our company is 'to ensure a better quality of life'.

     LLP was established on 4 August 2008; the company has permission for wholesale trading of medical equipment and products of medical purpose. Our company supplies high-quality equipment and medical products that meet GMP and FDA standards. After delivery of the medical equipment and medical products, we continue to work in close coordination with doctors to collect information and feedback to upgrade the equipment we deliver. These recommendations are then forwarded to the manufacturer and are taken into account for the benefit of future production. Our service engineers carry out warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the delivered equipment during the operational life. The equipment that we sell is considered to be the most robust, handy and multipurpose in the market; it is also rated as technologically advanced. At present the equipment is used in most countries of western Europe, the USA, several Asian countries and Russia. Our mission is to provide medical and preventive treatment facilities with high quality equipment. Of great importance for us are opinions of highly trained professionals and researchers. We strive to support and develop high level of our employees and the final users to ensure that the consumer deals with responsible partner and a supplier. We strive to ensure high quality of services from the initial level. Every employee of “Biopharm Technology” LLP contributes significantly to achieving our strategic goals.

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